You’ve probably heard that the new Robin Hood, the Origins produced by Leonardo DiCaprio is filming in Dubrovnik and you’ve heard that right. Everything was ended a few days ago on March 6th and I can say this about everything. The whole scene was spectacular in already spectacular our old Town, but some part of our town was totaly unrecognizable, even for us. It was the real Notthingham city.

The Oscar award winner Jamie Foxx was so trilled with our town, that he was filmed himself in terrace facing the Old town and sea saying, “don’t tell me that your dreams can’t came true”. Well, he was everywere and that line say it all. The main actor, Robin Hood himself, who played by Jamie Dornan known from famous Fifty Shades of Grey, was trilled as well.

Our CFO and risk manager Nikolina and hers younger daughter was several times in set, filming as well and they was realy excited to paticipate in event like this, as they say, unforgettable moments.

So, the Robin Hood just joined the rest of the already famous movies and series filmed in Dubrovnik, such as Game of Thrones and Star Wars. There are rumors that the new James Bond will be filmed here as well. The movie industry is huge, investments are enormous and this was a huge financial benefit for Dubrovnik, for our citizens as well, since they have leave millions here in our town. This event will bring us new tourists in future as well.

Have a look how Dubrovnik become a Notthingham city, the home of a Robin Hood.

robin hood in dubrovnik1

robin hood in dubrovnik2

robin hood in dubrovnik3

robin hood in dubrovnik4

robin hood in dubrovnik5

robin hood in dubrovnik7

robin hood in dubrovnik8

robin hood in dubrovnik9


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