Ex-wife of the Formula 1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone bought a villa in Dubrovnik for €3 million. The house is located in Zaton, only 8 km away from Dubrovnik, directly at the sea. Basicaly, Slavica bought two houses a couple of months ago and recently start to renovate both of them from the start. Aproximate value in the end could be near €5 million, but that’s pocket money for the lady, who’s net worth is aprox €1,2 billion. Altough Slavica visited Dubrovnik almost each year with husband Bernie and their daughters, this will mean a lot for the real estate market in Dubrovnik and give it added value for sure.

Welcome Slavica!

slavica ecclestone in Dubrovnik1
Villa before the renovation
slavica ecclestone in Dubrovnik2
Renovation in progress
Bernie Ecclestone yacht Petara
Bernie Ecclestone comes in Dubrovnik every year with his SuperYacht Petara
bernie and slavica ecclestone in dubrovnik
Bernie with his yacht ‘Petara’ and Slavica with luxury speed boat Riva ‘Sola’ in Dubrovnik

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