In 2004, one of the richest businessmans in the world, a Russian Oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, Net worth of aprox €14 billion, fell in love in Dubrovnik and bought a €5 million worth villa in Lozica, 2km from town center, directly in the sea coast. Of course, he renovated the whole villa and invest another €2 million how to built a new one. He came often in Dubrovnik with his €80 million worth Airbus A-319, just to spend couple of hours watching the sea and then get back to Russia. As he said, he is charging the batteries here. During the summer, he come with his €300 million worth Yacht ‘Tango’ and enjoy in Dubrovnik coast with his best friends, Russian president Vladimr Putin is among them.

Viktor is investing in Dubrovnik since 2004, from restaurants and clubs, but in 2014 he bougt a destroyed hotel Belvedere for €12,5 million. As hotel was destroyed during the war in Croatia 1991, with complicated ownership structure the same wasn’t renovated since. As the former hotel Belvedere was one of the most luxurious hotels of the time, Viktor wan’t to return that status to the new one. He will invest a €150 million how to rebulit the new Belvedere from the start, the 5+ stars hotel with only 50 luxury rooms. For sure, with status like that, hotel Belvedere and Dubrovnik will atract the richest people in the world. Well, the most of them are already coming here for a long time.

belvedere dubrovnik old and new

belvedere dubrovnik old and new3

viktor vekselberg in dubrovnik
Viktor on the terrace of his Villa in Dubrovnik
viktor vekselberg in dubrovnik2
Viktor’s Superyacht ‘Tango’ in front of his villa in Dubrovnik

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