Gran Turismo Adriatica 2017 has arrived this year in Dubrovnik bringing millions of US dollars worth of sports cars in May. Lamborghini Aventador and Huracan, Ferrari F12, Porsche 911 Turbo S, McLaren F1 amongst others were driving through the streets of Dubrovnik, which was followed by delighted citizens and tourists. The tour started in Prague, and these expensive toys have visited Salzburg, Zadar and Mostar before rumbling into the pearl of the Adriatic.

This is not a tour for the most frugal, with two tickets costing a staggering 3,800 Euros. A total of eight nights in five-star hotels all along the Adriatic coastline down to Montenegro, as the organisers state “a good story to tell your grandchildren. In Dubrovnik they have spend the night in hotel Hilton*****, near the Old Town and the beasts was parked in the garage of the hotel. This night we stay in Hilton hotel and have dinner in Dubrovnik old town – wrote the organisers of Gran Turismo Adriatica on the official website.

It was surely nice event for our town, in which glamour is not strange to see.

gran turismo adriatica 2017 in dubrovnik02

gran turismo adriatica 2017 in dubrovnik01


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