Acording to latest data, property prices in Dubrovnik are still the most expensive in Croatia. The average price per 1m sq of an apartment or house in Dubrovnik is 3,757 EUR. While in the capital city Zagreb is at 1,736 EUR and Split at 2,430 EUR.

Property prices in Croatia in general have risen. In October house prices throughout Croatia rose by 5% compared to October 2016 with the most sought after properties in Split and Zagreb. After Dubrovnik the most expensive properties are in Opatija were prices average out at 2,955 EUR.

The huge difference between the prices on the Adriatic coast and the interior of Croatia continues. The average property price in Slavonia is still well under 1,000 EUR a 1m sq, only Zagreb and Varaždin have average prices over 1,000 EUR.

One of the cheapest cities in Croatia for real estate is Sisak were prices in October averaged only 707 EUR per 1m sq, meaning a large house with land averages out at around 150,000 EUR. For the same price it would be difficult to find a one-bedroom apartment in Dubrovnik.


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