There is no sign of property prices slowing in Dubrovnik, with the city reporting the strongest growth in prices in the whole of Croatia in 2017 meaning that once again Dubrovnik has by far the most expensive real estate in Croatia.

Last year property prices in Croatia rose on average by 4.18 percent, according to a survey carried out on 150,000 houses and apartments by a specialised property website. And Dubrovnik led the way with the average price of a metre squared of property in the city costing 3,362 Euros, a massive rise of 17.4 percent compared to 2016.

In Zagreb, the average asking price for a flat is 1,789 Euros and is around 8 percent higher than in 2016. Whilst in Split property prices are on average 2,550 Euros per metre squared.

It is not only the price that is rising in Dubrovnik, so is the demand. According to a local real estate the interest for the “right” property has never been higher. And when something comes onto the market at the right price it is normally sold within a couple of weeks.

Source 》Dubrovnik Times


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